To see how property assessments in your community compare with other communities throughout the nation, please select a geography from the drop down list below to access the Center’s standardized reports. Or you can zoom into your community using the map below for a visual comparison of your city, county, or state. For an evaluation of assessments nationwide, click here.  The reports are based on data provided by CoreLogic


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Note that for some counties (shaded black or clear above) sales were either unavailable or too infrequent for analysis.


What does this map show?


In all fifty states, lower-value homes were on average assessed at higher rates than higher-value homes.


As shown in our map, a value of 1 means that low and high value homes were on average assessed at the same rate. Values below 1 (shaded in reds and yellows) are regressive areas where lower value homes are assessed at higher rates than high value homes. For example, in the least equitable state (Alabama), low value homes are assessed at over twice the rate of high value homes on average. Property assessments are roughly converted into property taxes—so in Alabama these lower value homes likely pay a tax rate much higher that of high value homes.