Property Tax Fairness
From the Center for Municipal Finance
Use our resources to evaluate your community's local data...

Our research relies on a commercial dataset provided by CoreLogic, which allows us to compare property taxes across various communities regardless of any specific characteristics, such as population, location, or property value. Every jurisdiction in America, though, maintains similar records as well. In fact, such local data is the basis for most commercial datasets like the ones used for our research. 

The Center for Municipal Finance is making public the original proprietary code developed to evaluate property data and produce the analysis included on this site. We encourage residents, researchers, and government officials to use this program to evaluate equity in your communities’ own property tax systems. For ease of use, we are releasing our original program as an R Package, which can be found at the Center’s GitHub page.


NOTE: While the Center has taken steps to ensure our own data and research meets high standards for accuracy and responsible data stewardship we have no control of the quality or nature of any data procured beyond the Center itself. The Center makes no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, or efficacy of any user-provided data or any analysis based thereon. 


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