Property Tax Fairness
From the Center for Municipal Finance

To generate the report, first download the data. This dataset is a cleaned public dataset we can use.

After downloading the dataset, please run the below R code, for example in RStudio. Remember to replace your output directory” with the path where you want to save the generated report.


df <- fread(“joined.csv”)

df <- df %>% mutate(SALE_PRICE = `Sale Price`, MARKET_VALUE = full_market_value, ASSESSED_VALUE = total_assessment, SALE_YEAR = Sale_Year, TAX_YEAR = 2019)

ratios <- cmfproperty::reformat_data(dfsale_col = “SALE_PRICE”assessment_col = “ASSESSED_VALUE”sale_year_col = “SALE_YEAR”)

cmfproperty::make_report(ratiosjurisdiction_name = “Buffalo City”output_dir = your output directory”) 

Below is a pre-generated example report: